"How does a writer take the chaos of life and transform it into art? The raising of a voice is the red thread through chaos. The raising of a voice is the essense of freedom. It is where every writer, every person, must begin... In fact, the freedom that Henry Miller discovered in his voice can inspire women writers as well as men. It is the voice of the outsider, the renegade, the underground prophet — and isn't that, after all, what women still are?"

Erica Jong 'The Devil At Large' 1971

By misusing their creative powers in self-indulgence, they became subject to the laws of cause and effect——which include the laws of reincarnation and karma. These "Sons of Belial," as they were called in the readings, continued their selfish exploitation of the earth and its life forms until they lost sight of their true spiritual nature. This may be the real fall of man. A soul that has so separated itself from its maker by selfishness that even after death it can not comprehend its own nature but is drawn back into what it has created is indeed in hell."

Edgar Evans Cayce 'Edgas Cayce on Atlantis' 1968

“Any movie that has that spirit and says things can be changed is worth making.”

Wim Wenders

“Let me tell you my dream. I was listening to music. My body became compressed into a column. At the top of the column grew anennae of science fiction design which threw lassos of blue electric lights in circles. In their centrifugal motion they captured other waves. The waves of the brain? Seeking to contact other vibrations? The radiations of my brain not only designed fever charts but they were neon-lighted and threw off sparks like electric short circuits."

Anais Nin 'Collages' 1964