Winter Snakes

Death Falls in Love


Music: 'Winter Snakes' Joy Again
Producer Peter Rosati
Cinematography Roger JC Lee,
Tyler Weinberger
Talent Shawn Stoner,
Sandra Diola
VFX Cooper Vacheron
Direction, Editing Loni Paone


Music Video
Live Action

What does happen if Death falls in love? I mean, it has to be doomed right?

I have always been interested in still life portraiture for all of the textures it weaves together in one frame: the reflectiveness of the silver antiques, the juicy, exotic fruits, the decadence and that odd, lingering sense of despair. This is what you see in the opening shot of this music video.

Pair this with the archetypal figures of Death, Love and the Fool and there you have the inspiration for the characters driving the narrative in this music video.