Spooky action in what appears to be Dracula's Castle.


Music: 'Yusumita' Herron
Video Loni Paone


Music Video

For a period in 2020 I kept a fork on my desk and periodically, with waning confidence and faith in myself, tried to bend the fork with my mind because I saw it on youtube. I wasn't able to do it, but I was able to reproduce the effect in this video at least.

Beyond that, I took on this project to see if I could make a music video only using 3D software. From modeling the objects, to animation, physics simulations and some basic texturing and lighting, I really tried to just build it from nothing. I began learning 3D in the end of 2019 and finished this project in the end of 2020. So, you know, this is not a project without mistakes–but instead a huge discovery for me in seeing ideas come to life without the need of a physical film set.